Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A podium place in Darjeeling

We made it!

We came in third, with 3219km on the clock, 7 spark plugs burnt out, one full service, a total of 200 rupees paid in bribes and 70 rupees in tolls and the Germans were nowhere to be seen.

The race had everything from breakdowns to bustups, crashes diharheoa (how DO you spell that!?!), sleeping on floors, FUNNY roads, cows, goats and at one point even death.

This blog will be updated in the order that it all happened from my excessive messy notebook so keep your eyes on the older posts (which ironically will be typed up AFTER this one...)

Here goes....

Original Date and Time:
1/5/07, 10:23 PM


At 12:54 PM, Blogger Jools said...

Congratulations to the boys! (and,judging by the tone of the blog, yer arses!)

Plaudits & laurel wreaths from us at Four Leaf CLover Club!

Jools x

At 3:47 PM, Blogger penash said...

Congrats to Nick and the Lads, third is brilliant considering the lack of mechanical know-how, as we say in NZild, good on ya mates.

At 6:01 AM, Blogger Andytgeezer said...

yeah and the diesel in the engine - more about that later...


At 11:48 PM, Blogger Andytgeezer said...

Not sure if it was worse gettting beat by Americans than it would have been to get beat by the Germans.

Nope on second thoughts it really WAS worse to get beat by Americans.



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