Friday, December 22, 2006

150 hours to go!

With only 150 hours to go until the dosaboys set off, and much less than that until we arrive in India, Ivan figured it was about time he look at some maps and figure out exactly how the dosaboys are going to get from A to B - A being cochin and B being somewhere called darjeeling, which is apparently somewhere in the himilayas. He figured that the 80 cm it is on the map, is actually quite a bit more when you consider the scale of 1:4,000,000 . Still hes been in a tuk -tuk before-okay so it was just for a 10 minute journey in Bombay, but is there really much difference between a short 2 mile journey on the streets of Bombay , and a 3 week trek across the entire breadth of India - I think not.

All systems go - its time to start packing!!! Which should take all of 5 minutes really, seeing as the 3 of us are only taking the clothes on our backs, and a spare t-shirt!


At 6:41 PM, Blogger Holistic Nomad said...

mmmmmmm dosa

You guys are crazy!! I met a crazy Israeli who did a similar thing - but didn't travel the distances you guys safe travel and watch out for enfields.

I hope you're going to be driving a new biodeisel rickshaw. The air quality in most Indian cities is horrific and driving with cleaner technology is the responsible tourist option.

I'm starting my own india adventure in 3 weeks

happy trippin


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