Sunday, December 24, 2006

Ivan looks at a map

With only one hour to go until Ivan really should think about leaving the house to meet andy to go to the airport, he decides to have a browse of a few maps of india to see if there is any last minute thought that might pop into his head regarding the route.
He concludes, that using his free compass he got with a pair of shoes the other day should be enough to help the dosaboys along their way, along with an attitude to generally head 'north'. If we see a sign saying 'welcome to Pakistan- please drive carefully' , then that probably means we have probably gone too far west. Likewise, if we see parts of the great wall of china next to us then we have probably taken the wrong turning at the crossroads a few miles back.

Will the dosaboys make it to darjeeling, or will they spend the next 4 weeks in kockin looking for that 'right turn' which is 'DEFINITELY around here somewhere'.....only time will tell...


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