Saturday, December 23, 2006


With just over 24 hours to go til takeoff, not only have I not packed my bags, I've just got back from Spain and have yet to UNPACK my bags from there first. So technically I've done a negative amount of packing. Oh dear...

I'm SURE I'm supposed to be a little more bothered than I am about the fact that I have not packed my bags yet. On asking around though it seems that the lads have not exactly done a whole load of packing themselves.

Ivan - "I've packed about 45 pairs of underpants"

Nick - "I've got a tiny bag. It's got 25 pairs of pants in it."


So basically we've got no tools whatsoever to help us in the event of any major engine failure on the route but, adding in my own 15 pairs of undercrackers we have at least 85 pairs of cruds between us in the event of an emergency.

Well, it's always good to go prepared....


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