Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Dosa Boys welcome on board a new member

When we thought that there could be no-one else crazy enough to take on the challenge of riding on a rickshaw the length of India, Ivan and Andy find someone else in the madhouse to join us!

So a big hand please for the third member of The Dosa Boys - Nick!

As if 2 strangers tryin to cram all their stuff in a Rickshaw and riding across India wasn't dumb enough, now 3 of us are doing it!

So we were discussing how (un)comfortable this trip is gonna be with 3 people in the ride and were putting forward suggestions. Nick said we should perhaps consider getting 2 of these badboys.

I suggested we take it in turns to get out and run alongside.

We had a quick vote and it was decided that I take the first 350 miles while the other two sit in the lap of luxury(!?) and at the end of that 350 miles we'll have another vote.

That'll teach me to open my big mouth...


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