Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 8: 6:20PM - The current standings

With this crazy traffic on the only road to Darjeeling the bar has been lowered by most of the teams for distance. It seems that everyone is headed for Mulda, 250km short of Sikillim, our originally planned destination. The current estimated standings as calculated by text look like this

1 - Calamity Crew
2 - Dosaboys
3,4,5 - Yanks, Punkah Pelham, Blunderbuss
6 - Shrimpers
7 - The Germans

I'll be honest with you though. Yesterday the league table meant a lot more to me than it does now. After the events of today I find myself wishing we hadn't bothered at all. Some things are just more important than where we end up.

Like where we've been.


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