Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day 7: Calcutta driving madness!

It's bloody chaos! So fast, so smoggy and without a moments rest. Today we've driven some awesome terrain, taking chicanes, done the main highways, pothole hell, driven through villages and now the craziest most dangerous roads I've ever seen!

It's madder than Saigon, where all the traffic is mopeds so you can easily maneuvre.
It's madder than Bangkok where most of the vehicles actually seem to obey some unwritten rules of the road, and it's madder than Kuwait where people just pay for their driving licenses before smashing their BMWs into lammposts and killing themselves, and it's even madder than Accra in Ghana where my first girlfriend got hit by a speeding car.

The roads are crowded, people criss-cross through the dense traffic, which just seem to hug each other. I am acutely aware of the fact that the combined weight of our vehicle and all it's contents weighs about 5ookg and that the buses that steam past us at about 100k weigh at least 10 times more than us and are travelling twice as fast.

It's like being a cockroach in a stampede. One wrong move and we will be dead.


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