Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Day 7: 4:30AM

Resolved to push on ahead for once so we didn't have to play catch-up on the other teams at the end of the day like every other day.

The hotel wake-up call came at 4:30AM and Nick was raring to go. I was enthusiastic as ever but Ivan doesn't seem to be into this at all. Over the last few days, Ivan has been gettin understandably more grumpy as we have had less and less sleep.

Nick and I hauled his ass out of bed, nicked a blanket from the hotel cos it's so damn cold on the roads when the sun is out and set off, leaving a Dosa Boys card under the wipers of the other rickshaws. It was still dark, about 5AM and we knew that they would be up for a 5:30 call so we figured we had an hour on them.

With Nick at the wheel, we're caning up the road we still affectionately call the 5 (cos the map seems to think it is) and by the time the other teams get up we should have 50km on them at least.

One little blip with an air bubble in the fuel line didn't bother us too much. The sun is still somewhere round the horizon, it's freezin and we're on our way.

Day 7 here we come!


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