Thursday, January 04, 2007

Day 8: Losers and proud

The rambling of Nick in the last hour has been pretty sad.

Me and Ivan have phased his voice out because he has basically spent the last hour slagging us off. Occasionally I tune in and he's saying something pretty downbeat like

"You're a pair of spineless pussies. Next time I'll find a team who want to win and I'll get to the end in 4 days."

I think this attitude sums him up really. His attitude has been all me me me for the last few days. I will win. The team is nothing. It's all me and my winning. But at the same time, he's seeking our validation, going on about what a good driver he is. What a sad man he has grown up to be.

Ivan at the wheel does actually drive like my gran but right now I appreciate the caution

...and the EXTRA bonus is that Ivan's driving is winding Nick RIGHT up!

Keep hittin the brakes there Ivan!


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