Friday, January 05, 2007

Day 9: Rumours

He couldn't resist it.

We saddled up and took to the road with the pack of three that had been in the hotel with us. I was quite looking forward to doin a bit of time with the guys and just taking it easy, but as soon as we moved off, Nick had to shoot out in front to prove how much of a man he was.

Even after everything that's happened, it's still not registered that our team do not want to race, and still he goes on trying to prove himself. It's sad to watch.

The rumour going around is that the Rajasthan Raiders have made it to Darjeeling. Who the hell are they!? Are they our mystery team? It's doubtful that it is, as rumour has it that they shot off the night before the cricket match, so they couldn't possibly have overtaken us where they did, cos logically they would have been in front the whole way.

We had hoped that this news might pacify Nick but it's done quite the opposite. He's now taken to arguing that if we had really wanted to win we would have forgone sleep totally and drove every night through the night!


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