Wednesday, December 27, 2006


We're still debating route. I want to get to the end but the consensus at Rickshaw meets around the town seems to be that the mission is ACTUALLY impossible.

Bihar and Orissa have been advised against due to hijackings and banditry and from rides around town on rickshaw I am startin to wonder if 2 weeks is enough to even make it halfway up the country.

The general consensus between the teams is the the East coast as the only viable route, but the jury is split on where to cross over. Some teams are going to Goa, but I think that this would add a few unneccesary days and mean that the stretch of country you have to take through the middle would be far too long.

Personally I think that we need to head straight across the country as soon as possible to hit the East coast as early as we can and to do this we should go to Madras (Chennai) starting tomorrow.

I've also suggested that we take the route through the middle, up through Hyderabad and Nagpur, a stretch of serious desert with no hope of rescue and not a lot to see by all accounts. That suggestion was written off as a non-starter.

As far as I'm concerned, I want to finish the race on the 15th in Darjeeling. I've heard talk of people saying it's too hard and that they want to take it easy and see some of the sights while they're here and I just can't agree with that approach at all.

We're here to get from a to b in as short a time as possible. It's a CHALLENGE. The idea is to rise to it and get from a to b. Sightseeing it aint, although yeah we may see some stuff on the way.

Whatever we decide though, we'd better hurry up about it. We set off in just over 12 hours...


At 4:39 AM, Blogger jollybodger said...

Hi Guys!

This all sounds utterly ridiculous and in the normal style of Andy ;)

Little question - how about collecting a few recipes from people you meet on the way? We're writing a book on a journey we completed between the whole of Eastern Europe, why not throw in a few even-more-eastern delights??

Best wishes, lots of luck please respect those poor goats Geez.



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