Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 4: The Jet Engine Saga part 5 - Complete engine failure on NH-5

I'm writing after dusk by the flashing lights of our hazards.

Our engine has failed for the third time today and we're on the hard shoulder of National Highway 5. I think it's worse than every other time, cos this time a single spark plug change hasn't done the job. The plug has melted again, but it seems that's not the only problem.

We managed to flag down a couple of really friendly Indians, who were driving up the road on a motorbike and they tried to change our spark plug for us with the only spark plug we have left.

We didn't expect the plugs to burn out this quickly so we've only got this one and that doesn't seem to have worked, so the guys have offered to go to the local mechanics and buy another one. We've given them 500 rupees and they've driven their motorbike off into the distance.

We've no idea if they're going to return, and I for one am shitting myself that the zombies will come back...


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