Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 4: Madras (Chennai) to somewhere deep in Andhra Pradesh

We agreed to set off at 6:30am with the 3 other teams staying at our the Comfort Inn with us that night, Punkah Pelham (who we have nicknamed "The French" cos of the pimping of their ride), Blunderbuss and the Yanks, who I think are called Shanti Express.

After a quick fill up in Chennai we headed out of still-sleeping Madras which, even with most of the population asleep, still has more mental roads than rush-hour London.

As the city was coming to life, we took a left and headed up National Highway 5 towards Kolkotta. A nice straight road of tarmac, flat as my arse is no doubt going to be in a few days time.


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