Saturday, November 25, 2006

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2000 miles on a lawnmower engine? Are you insane...?

It started with an advert on Gumtree. When I'm going to learn not to reply to these crazy challenges I'll never know.

But it was too tempting.

"Want to go the length of India on a rickshaw?" it said. I was hooked.

So I got it together and emailed this guy, Ivan and the next thing you know the Dosa Boys were formed to take on the challenge. 2 complete strangers, a clapped out vehicle designed to make short journeys across town and 2000 miles of the worlds worst roads to cover in about 18 days.

You know it's a good idea!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A podium place in Darjeeling

We made it!

We came in third, with 3219km on the clock, 7 spark plugs burnt out, one full service, a total of 200 rupees paid in bribes and 70 rupees in tolls and the Germans were nowhere to be seen.

The race had everything from breakdowns to bustups, crashes diharheoa (how DO you spell that!?!), sleeping on floors, FUNNY roads, cows, goats and at one point even death.

This blog will be updated in the order that it all happened from my excessive messy notebook so keep your eyes on the older posts (which ironically will be typed up AFTER this one...)

Here goes....

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1/5/07, 10:23 PM

Dosaboys Pics

Pictures from the dosaboys adventures are now viewable here -

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1/13/07, 10:13 PM

Updates to the site - I'm gonna get this damn thing finished!

I've moved the posts after the event to November 1st, 2006 so that the latest updates are at the beginning and now I'm gonna get my head down and write like a mentalist!!!!

Watch this space...

More photos

Madras Car Park at the Comfort Inn
Originally uploaded by andytgeezer.
I've put up more photos on my Flickr site which were taken after the run mainly as Ivan has done a bloody good job on his site already

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1/18/07, 3:36 PM

More press

Trawling through the net I've found more links to the Dosa Boys.

Check out the pic on The Darjeeling Times website about the end of the run and there's an article about us on there too.

Also on a different note, here's what happened to the rickshaws at the end, an article where they were given to charity.

Travel Daily News carries a story about a team "whose engine blew up" and we all know who that is now don't we...

Original Post Time and Date 1/29/07, 1:18 PM

Just a small bug in a big big field

Originally uploaded by ivanonholiday.
Sometimes driving around Calcutta or Chenai I did sometimes feel like a very very small ant in a stable of stampeding horses.

I think this pic goes some way to explaining why

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1/18/07, 12:28 PM

Crows and Laks

So The Dosa Boys are sitting around at Wangdi's Inn in Darjeeling with the owner Jordan Wangdi, who is a star and all-round great Nepalese dude, when Ivan asks,

"How much does a place like this cost?"

To which Jordan replies

"15 crows"

"What the hell?!" I said, "You bought this using animals?! What's wrong with rupees!?"

So it turns out that a "crore" (pronounced "crow") is like a million rupees.

But it doesn't stop there.

"A crow is 100 laks" Jordan said, as if this was supposed to make it easier

"So what the hell is a lak?" we ask.

We then proceeded to try to convert laks into dollars, crows into pounds, laks into crows, crows into bread and wine and when we'd all given up Ivan pulled a rabbit out a hat.

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1/9/07, 8:47 AM

Sorry lads....

Thinkin of going to the top of Tiger Hill and being the first rickshaw ever to climb the mountain of Darjeeling?

Well tough.

The Dosa Boys got there first and we've got the newspapers to prove it! Check out the papers tomorrow.

Can't let the Raiders have ALL the headlines now can we...

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1/8/07, 5:38 AM

Ivans Blog

Should anyone wish to read some more dosaboys info, Ivans personal blog can be found at

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1/6/07, 2:38 AM

So what happened next?

The run over, The Dosa Boys still just about intact, they went off, as they came, their seperate ways.

Ivan went on holiday to IvanonHoliday, Nick back to TV NZ and mischief toddles back to geezerland where he continud to blog obsessively about rickshaws happily ever after...

And they put all their pictures up on their Flickr sites, which can be found on


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1/19/07, 2:02 AM

CNG Delhi Rickshaw model and box

CNG Delhi Rickshaw model and box
Originally uploaded by andytgeezer.
Is this the coolest toy in the world or what...

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1/21/07, 12:24 AM