Tuesday, December 05, 2006

All coming together from seperate sides of the globe

Well despite the fact that the three of us havent actually met yet, the wonders of email are keeping us all connected and ensuring that nothing going amiss in our plans. Im sure however we will all still turn up with 6 copies of the same lonely planet, No tools, and one crumbled map of india between the 3 of us.

Im currently looking at the sort of routes we can take. Of course the most fun route is simply the 'head north one' - where you just keep on heading north until you hit delhi, then do a right turn. However there might be a few sights along the way which might be worth checking out-most notably the daj mahal, which ive heard is quite a nice sight, and also maybe somewhere nice to be on new years eve. There is also the issue of what parts to avoid-certain no-go areas spoken about on the british government website and advice from friends of the type 'dont go anywhere near these parts-they are lawless' have made me think twice about just hoping that a british passport,a nice smile, and one or two rupees can make you survive any situation in India.

I am avoiding any kind of indian food in the past few weeks, seeing as curries are going to be the only thing i shall be seeing once i hit the subcontinent. I know it will be the same as always-at first, the prospect of eating curries non stop for 4 weeks seems like heaven-and for the first few days it is,when i realise that every single curry tastes tons better than anything you could get in england. But then by around the 6th day, the idea of eating yet another portion of rice, curry and naan bread just doesnt appeal much at all, and i end up asking if they could possibly knock up something a bit 'different'. The reply of 'how about some dhal and chapati' doesnt relaly identify with what i meant. (i was thinking more of some pasta maybe or a nice piece of sushi :) )

So charity donations are coming in nicely. I would imagine we would meet our target nicely. If we dont then we cant go.Simple as that. We would have to cancel our flights, and make other arrangements for christmas. So you see its ESSENTIAL we meet our target of 1000 pounds by.....by TOMORROW!!!!! so give give give now!


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