Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 4: Maybe we should have gone to Goa

Damn it's dark. We've been here by the side of the NH-5 kicking our heels and wondering what the hell has gone wrong for more than 3 hours. Something has happened and we're really not too sure what.

We've pushed the Rickshaw up the road so that we get some overflow light from a nearby electrical substation that's located next to the road and it's underneath a traffic light, which gives us both light and bugs.

The rice paddies on either side of the road are breeding grounds for mosquitoes who are coming out tonight for an English for starters, followed by Vietnamese for main course and Kiwi for desert. Even with head-to-toe DEET I feel like little more than an hors d'ouevre.

Ivan is cursing the fact that we didn't go to Goa for New Years Eve and as I slap another one of those blood-sucking bastards off my head I can say for the first time that I agree with him.

(note - at this point there is a MASSIVE red bloodstain on my notebook where I squished one of them on my head. He then fell off bloated with my blood and I closed my book on him so the notes are stained in blood as you can see )


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