Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 4: I finally get to drive (100m)

Nick has finally relinquished control of the wheel to me for the first time since we started. I've been fairly alright in the back blogging away but I must admit that I did want a little more.

Somehwere between (Middle of Nowhere) and (slightly on from Middle of Nowhere) I took the helm for my maiden voyage. As I'm not actually a licensed rickshaw driver (or for that matter a licensed driver at all) I thought I'd warm up on a side road before hitting the relatively quiet Highway 5.

First attempt stalled.

Second attempt saw me pull up the clutch a little hard and we bunnyhopped down the streeet. Nick was going mental in the back about this furious that I would fuck the clutch up beyond all recognition. This was a little unfair given that he'd been driving solidly for the last 3 days that he should not even let me have the time to try to get it right.

On the third attempt the clutch started to smell funny. Oh did I mention I failed my driving test three times...?

Anyway Nick insisted on taking back the reins. Bit harsh I thought especially as I had only driven a total of 100m over the whole 4 days.

Nick insisted that we needed our clutch and gearbox if we were to have any chance of winning so I settled back in the back and carried on writing as I always do.


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