Sunday, December 31, 2006

Day 4: Intentions

It seems that we have all come with different intentions for the trip. I guess this is the main problem of going with 2 people I've never met before.

I can tell that Ivan probably doesn't want to race, but I'm a little worried that we won't make it to the end at all. Ivan has a lot more time than me and Nick as he's on holiday til April but I reckon we need to go pretty fast to try to make sure we make it. I've got a flight to catch in Mid-January.

Nick really wants to race this thing and win it and has said so before and he flies in January too.

Personally I don't mind but I think that the car is the star here - I would love to see what this thing is capable of so would love to rag the crap out of it and see what happens.


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