Friday, December 08, 2006

Interview With a Rickshaw Driver

Even though the rickshaw run is a race. This is the real reason why we are going? To raise money for people like this rickshaw driver and his family.

I am a rickshaw driver. I started this job because it is an honest living. I've been at the rickshaw stand in front of this hotel for over 25 years. They know me here. I don't own this vehicle. I rent it and everyday I have to pay the owner a fixed amount. If I owned my own vehicle then all the money I earn would be for me and I wouldn't have to give it to somebody else. This way, there are often days when there is no profit and I have to give money to the owner from my own pocket. Somedays there may be a profit and somedays there may be a loss.

I studied only up til 8th standard (about 8th grade) and then I got a license. Once you get a license, you can get a vehicle. Just the license is enough.

In the future, I want to get a vehicle of my own so I can help with the devlopment of my family,right now, I cant save all that much. I have money to eat but that's about it. We don't earn that much.

I see myself doing this for the forseeable future´┐Ż as long as I'm strong enough.


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