Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Northern Hemisphere vs Southern Hemisphere part 1

Even though I've been pushing the issue up here in the UK and around the northern half of the world (Romania, Germany and France among other places) it looks like the southern hemisphere are taking the lead on donations to the Dosa Boys.

Come ON UK people! The Pound is flippin' well worth nearly TWICE the amount of the New Zealand $ and the Kiwis have given £250 and southerners have donated the remaining £95

In real terms that means that we Brits are being CANED nearly £5:£1 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks to my supporters, especially Panda Jen, representing the northern hemisphere Germany/China/England side, Tam representing the American contingent and even the noserubbing Safa Launa who represents the southsiders.

Thanks for all your support guys and keep your eyes on the site! I'll send you the links to the first photos when we've figured out how to do it!


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