Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Preparation and planning the Dosa Boys way

So far preparation has been a little interesting to say the least.

While chatting to Nick the other day online across the vast expanse of Earth, he said to me really proudly

"I've just bought a teach yourself Urdu CD" to which I replied (correct me if I'm wrong)

"That's great Nick. You'll do fine in Pakistan where they speak Urdu. Indians speak Hindi generally mate."

I then suggested a detour to make sure that his money hadn't gone to waste.

Across the world, I heard a grown man weep...

But I'm not exactly one to speak about great travel planning myself. Desperate to pick up a cheap flight, I went online and, knowing that we had to fly into Cochin, I looked for a cheap return from somewhere that sounded Indian and was somewhere up north where I figured the finish line was. Delhi, that'll do.

When I next spoke to Nick and he said that he had booked a flight from Calcutta, that's when I decided to look at a map, only to find that Calcutta is about 90 miles fromt he finish line.

Delhi is about 300.

Is that the sound of a grown man weeping again...



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