Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Team

Name: Nick Reid

Age: 33

Height: 5'11

Weight: 10 stone

Driving experience: Grew up in Hamilton New Zealand as a boy racer. Won the Isle of Rarotonga scooter racing circuit back in 2001.

Crashes: 3 all at high speed, Have giving up riding motorcycles now.

Convictions. None They werent my fault.

Currently driving: BMW 328IS.which probably handles better than a rickshaw. Last car was a Suzuki Alto which probably handles worst than a rickshaw.

Language skills: I can speak English and some Maori.

Special Skills: Duct tape can fix anything.

Curry Skills: I can do Indian hot at the local curry house, I somewhat suspect that Indian hot in New Zealand and Indian hot in India are two completely different things.

Name: Andy 'mischief' Hoang

Age: 26

Height: 5'8

Weight: 8 stone

Driving experience: I came 2nd in a go-kart race once and have flown a plane. Do either of those count?

Danger: I nearly got shot by Maoist rebels in Nepal in 2001 and have killed a cobra with a machete then skinned it while living in the jungle in Ghana in 1999. If mischief wasn't my middle name, "DANGER" would be.

Convictions: I once got stopped by the police for breaking out of my own house. That was a strange experience.

Language skills: I can speak English and Vietnamese.

Special Skills: I can blow bubbles out of spit and light my own farts. I can't wait to try that after a month on the curry!

Unusual fact: I collect airline sickbags and have a collection of nearly 30 different airlines.

Curry Skills: Middleweight semi-skilled but still far too proud to admit defeat. I'll try any curry at all if you give me enough beer.

Name: Ivan Phillips

Age: 28

Height: 6 Footer.

Weight: 11 stone.

Driving experience: Well i actually rode a rickshaw in las vegas for 9 months a few years ago. Mind you , it was a peddle one, rather than an auto-rickshaw. Spent all day every day taking fat-arse americans from a to b.

Language skills: I am fluent in English.Both writing AND reading.

Special Skills: Im a dab hand at magic tricks. Maybe handy for when our precious rupees dont really convince the local mechanic to jump start our rickshaw for us.

Unusual fact: This is actually my 10th attempt at riding a rickshaw 2000 miles form cochi to darjheeling! So if i dont make it this time im going to give up! just a joke-not the 2nd bit about giving up-the first bit about this being the 10th time.....Its actually the 9th.

Curry Skills: BRING IT ON!!! Actually found out last time i was india, that 'hot' out there equals 'mild' in England-hence if you want a hot curry in India you have to tell them to really push the boat out and go CRAZY with the spices...

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