Monday, January 01, 2007

Day 5: 7:20AM - Narrowly avoid head on collision with a lorry

Overtaking a lorry on a dual carriageway with Nick at the wheel, we decided to follow a lorry into the maneuvre.

As the lorry overtook at 60k we stuck close to his tail, making use of his slipstream.

As he quickly cut inside we saw another lorry coming straight at us in the opposite direction, coming up the wrong way of the dual carriageway!

Nick slammed the brakes on and we lost about 40ks in a second to slip back behind the lorry we were trying to overtake, with another lorry directly up our arse to make things more interesting.

A quick whiz round the internet tells me that a lorry weighs 40 tonnes. As we were up against 4 of them, that makes a combined weight of over 150,000kg.

I weigh 50kg and I predict that the Dosamobils combined weight is under 500kg.

So we have already narrowly avoided death today and we've not even had breakfast yet!


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